4 major mistakes people make when selecting paint colours

Speaking about major mistakes people make when choosing paint colours is very important. Selecting a paint colour can be the hardest design decision one can make. No one can visualize what the paint colour will look like after it has been applied to the wall.
However, trying out paint swatches before buying is the best way to avoid a painter’s mistakes regarding colour choice. We are going to learn the best way to select paint colours as well as the common mistakes you can avoid while picking a paint colour. Below are five common mistakes people make when choosing paint colours:

1. Too Hasty in Deciding

Take a few days to brainstorm on the paint colour you need. Many times, the colour responds differently to different climatic conditions. The paint colour may look different on cloudy days as well as sunny days, therefore the need to take your time evaluating the paint colour.
It is even advisable to apply multiple colours on different surfaces and see how they look at any time of the day. Selecting a good colour for your room is not a one-time thing. Take your time to select the colour of your choice.
After having a look and feel of each colour, go on and decide on the paint colour you would need. Taking your time throughout the whole process saves you money and eliminates frustrations.

2. Not Taking into Account the Furniture & Décor

Apply the paint colour on a board and see how it looks in different parts of your room. Compare the colour with the surroundings, e.g., artwork, furniture, etc. It will help you evaluate how the colour resonates with the surroundings in that room.
Testing the paint colour in an empty room will not give you a nice view of what your room will look like after painting. Always keep some furniture and décor in the room as you select the paint colour.

3. Picking Too Many Paint Colours

When selecting colours for your room, avoid choosing too many colours for the same room; it can be very distracting.

4. Placing Samples Right Next to Each Other

Avoid applying sample paint colours close to each other on the same wall. The sample paint colour that is close to each other can be distractive to you and even to the sample colours themselves. Therefore, it makes it difficult to make the right choice.


We all in one way or another find ourselves doing the above mistakes in the process of choosing colour paint. Many people plunge into a dilemma when it comes to choosing colour paint for their walls or house. Are you also stuck in any way?
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