The Crown Color App enables you to coordinate your identity, most loved things and motivations with hues that will draw out the best of your style and interests. Your colour inspiration bundled as a digital pocketbook.


Explore through the Ambience Color Chart that rundowns more than 1,000 hues, or just look for any shading by its name and colour code.

Find new colours and shades, peruse through our different interior pictures or take a photo from your gallery or camera. Match and discover subtle elements by tapping on your pictures.

Who knows your colour personality and inspiration better than yourself? Save some of your favourite colours in one location and access them anytime and anywhere.

Let your friends share in on the fun by sending them the colour names and codes via SMS, email, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter.

The Crown Colour App goes with you wherever you go. Know and access your most loved hues effortlessly and efficiently by downloading the Crown Color App today.

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