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Crown Ruff N Tuff Exterior

Ruff N Tuff is super premium texture finish with more than 6000 exuberant colours available for exterior & interior surfaces. It is the toughest exterior on the planet!

Product Description

Description & uses: Ruff N™ Tuff is a super-premium Acrylic Emulsion with guaranteed high performance formulated to provide multi directional textures with more than 6000 exuberant colours on any exterior & interior cementitious surface. It incorporates mould resistant biocides for long protection life and can be applied on Plaster, Cement Rendering, Block Work, Cement, Stone, Bag-Washed and Fair Faced Concrete. It may also be applied to Timber, Glass and Aluminium.

RUFF N TUFF is available in 2 grades:

  1. RUFF N TUFF INBUILT: Is a single coat application which is easy to apply & time saving which results into cost saving on labor & paint consumption. 1 coat system (1-1.5 mm) with ready-made 24 colours offered.
  2. RUFF N TUFF REGULAR: Is designed to give better overall performance compared to INBUILT finishes. REGULAR is available in 3 texture variants; Normal, Fine and Stoneless. As a whole system RUFF N TUFF NORMAL comes with 15 years of life expectancy and consists of a 3 Coat System 1 coat Ruff N Tuff White Base (1-1.5 mm) + 2 coats Crown Exterior quality paint (Permacote, Permaplast) or Interior quality paint (Silk, Vinyl Matt).


  • Multi coat system (1 Base + 2 Top Coats) to enhance the water resistance & Colour retention which lasts for more than 15 years
  • Double up the cleaning ability by water/ rain
  • Gives dual protection against Algae, Mold & Fungus.
  • 2 times effective against efflorescence
  • Has over 6000 shades to choose from
  • Choice of selection of top coat paint like Permaplast, Permacote Teflon & Ultraguard Silicone based on your preference to get best performance on walls

Characteristics: Based on Pure Acrylic Emulsion with Mould Resistant Biocides. Semi Thixotropic i.e. of Creamy Consistency

Advantages: Creation of Designer Texture and Designs. Multi Surface application.

Breathes Out Trapped Moisture. Contains High Level of Biocides to Resist Mould

and Fungus attack. Resists Efflorescence. Graffiti Resistant. Water Resistant.

Interior or Exterior Usage. Bridges Hair-Line Cracks. Hides Surface Imperfections.

Rapid Drying. Water Based. Provides Water Proof finish. Long term total

Protection. Over 6000 shades to choose from. 15-year warranty*. Washable

Finish: Matt  High Build Textured finish

Application: Apply using a stainless steel trowel. For finishing and texturing, a special finishing tool (stainless steel trowel, special Plastic trowel or comb) is required depending upon the texture finish (like circular, Horizontals, Vertical).

Thinning:  RUFF N TUFF is supplied ready for use & should not be thinned.

Drying Times:  Surface Dry: 4 Hours. Hard Dry: 24 Hours. Max. Hardness: 7 Days

Spreading Capacity:   Depends upon the thickness & may vary with the type of surface 10-11 sq. meters per 30kg @ Film Thickness 1 to 1.5 mm

Equipment Cleaner: Water.

Colour range:  Inbuilt 24. Regular over 6,000 shades

Pack Sizes:   30 kg & 5 kg.

Availability:  From Crown Depots and through Crown Stockists.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Remove all loosely adhering material / contamination from the wall surface with the help of coarse emery paper, putty pallets or wire brush and clean water. The substrate should be dry, clean, free from dust, grease and loose materials.

New Surfaces: After surface preparation apply 1 coat Ruff N Tuff using a stainless steel trowel.

Previously painted in sound condition: Clean and prepare surface. Apply 1 coat Ruff n Tuff using a stainless trowel. Do not over paint previously Gloss Painted Surfaces.

Loosely bound or flaking paint

  1. Wire brush/ scrape to remove all possible loose, chalking and flaking material.
  2. Apply by brush coat of Crown +3 Masonry Primer.
  3. Allow overnight to dry.
  4. Apply Ruff N™ Tuff finish using Stainless Steel Trowel.

For health & safety information, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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