Colours And Exteriors



Sometimes the tired look of the exterior of your house can make you avoid inviting your friends over so much so that the answers to the question ‘where do you live?’ include ‘next to my neighbor’s house’ or ‘with my parents’ or ‘you tell me where you are, I will come there’. This doesn’t have to be the case because you can turn that tired and boring look the exterior  of your house has into something beautiful and creative. Here are some simple tips;


Front door

Most of the colors you will probably find used on the front doors of many houses include simple colors such as white, black or cream which is okay if you are the ‘okay’ type of person. If you however decide to rise from being ‘okay’ to being creative and colourful, the color you choose for your front door doesn’t have to match with the colors of your walls or window panes as long as it blends in so go ahead and break the rules, crown it!


Going for a different shade of color will make the exterior of your house pop and it will also reflect your personality and style. Some of the colors you can consider going for include darker shades of green which would blend in with your compound very well, purple or even grey, the choice is yours!


What is your favourite door color?


Choosing colors

Consider using contrasting or accent colors to highlight areas such as your balcony/porch walls, window panes and front door. You should however choose colors that blend if you don’t want your house to look like the candy house Hansel and Gretel found in the forest. Avoid this situation by learning how colors work together; you can use the Crown paints mobile app from your Android or I phone that will give you an easy access to color charts to help you choose those colors.


Brick exteriors

When you are buying a house or building one, you should consider going for the bricks exterior which has other benefits on top of durability and retaining of that authentic earthy color. Brick exteriors are also low maintenance and weather/fire resistant as they don’t aid the spread of fire.


This type of exterior will also make the colors that you will choose to use around the exterior of your house such as on the window panes, front door and roof to stand out.


What about your balcony?

Your balcony or porch could be big or small; this bit is irrelevant because what matters is what you do with the space. You can turn it into an outdoor oasis where you can relax at the end of the day or during those lazy Saturdays. Your balcony is not the place to store the extra items you don’t need as it will make you look messy. A few simple tips that you can help you change the look of this space include;


  • You can use that old sofa that you’ve always wanted to throw away or a simple bench, add a few colourful pillows and just like that, you will have somewhere comfortable to sit and relax, easy right?
  • A small table set with at least two chairs can also offer you a place to sit and relax as you read your book on the weekends.
  • A few simple items such as an outdoor carpet and pots of flowers will help to bring everything together. If you have limited space consider hanging those flower pots, go ahead and try it! In case you feel like going an extra mile, you can install at least two candle vases above your comfy sitting area that will enable you to light up candles in the evening.


Personalizing or revamping the exterior of your house is really not that difficult; perhaps all it will take is a simple paint job that promises a lot of happily ever after.


What have you done to make the exterior of your house more appealing?