Crown Your World With Zero VOC paints

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When paint is as safe as nature, is it still paint? Crown Paints has always taken the initiative of bringing new technology and innovative products in East Africa. With this in mind, the paint company has recently gone from low to zero by introducing a range of Zero VOC paint products into the Kenyan market. These paints are good for walls and the environment as they do not contain any harmful chemicals. This therefore means that they are also safe for painters, kids and even pregnant women.


To fully understand the value of this range of paint products, it is important to understand what Zero VOC means and the impact VOCS have on the environment. There are of course thousands of different VOCS that are emitted through many products which are used in our day to day lives but conventional paints contribute highly to this percentage.


VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds which are a large group of carbon-based chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature and pollute the environment. They have an effect on human health as they cause respiratory illnesses. They also react photo chemically in the atmosphere to create ozone gas which is responsible for acid rain which in turn leads to the damaging of our lovely green environment.


Crown Paints Kenya, Paints in Kenya, Decorative Paints in Kenya, Colour Paints, Wall Paints


Painting your walls and the environment green with Zero VOC paint products sounds like the best option now doesn’t it? Some of the other key advantages of the Crown Paints range of Zero VOC paint products include;


  • Same great quality paint that comes in many beautiful colour shades with the value addition of producing no toxic emissions thus making them safe for you and the environment as well.
  • They are odourless and have less impact on air quality which makes them perfect for homes, schools and even hospitals.
  • The products that will fall under the Zero VOC range will not have any additional costs.


The products that will be offered in the Zero VOC range include the Crown Luxury Matt Emulsion, Crown Vinyl Matt Emulsion with Teflon, Crown Permacote Exterior Emulsion with Teflon, Crown Permaplast and Crown Silk Vinyl.


Are you now ready to join this green revolution? Live in an environment where you can paint and breathe deeply with ZERO worries with the range of Crown ZERO VOC paint products that are safe as nature and still have the same great paint quality.