Textured Paint & Special Effects

Special Effects Using Paint

In most painting jobs, we strive to make the final result smooth unstreaked and even without any visible defects. Sometimes though, in pursuit of texture and depth, a splash of color and elegance, or simply a certain mood, a deviation from the norm is imperative.  This deviation comes in the form of effects finishing. Effects finishing strives to have more than one surface visible in order to create the appearance of contrasting streaks, lines, swirls and blotches.

Paint as a decorating agent is quite unique in the flexibility and variety that it offers. Effects finishing utilizes this quality to create a look that makes surfaces seem like something they’re not such as metal, wood, marble, leather, stone or aged plaster. The number of different textures and special effects that paint can replicate is really limited only by the imagination.

Some Popular Special effects and Texturing Techniques

Colour Effects: This involves the use of colours and application techniques to create a variety of visual forms (facades). The mottled looks that can be produced by this technique run the gamut from subtle to vivid depending on whether you want a parchment look or something that resembles leather.  All of these can be easily accomplished with the right combination of base paint and application method. Crown colour creation basecoat, crown duo- tone finish  and metallic emulsion are among the locally available proprietary colour effects products. Most colour effects products are applied using either a trowel or a brush.

Texturing:  Different kinds of textures can be created using a variety of special paints.Texturing paint adds depth and dimension to walls and is a great technique to use to hide surface imperfections. Depending on the location and intended use of the finished wall, texturing techniques can also enhance surface durability and aesthetics. Surface textures like rock, marble, wood can be easily mimicked using this technique. Some proprietary texturing products available locally include: Crown Ruff ‘N’ Tuff Exterior, Crown Strong Hold Textured Emulsion and Crown Variations Stone Finish. Generally trowels, brushes and rollers are used to apply texturing paints.


Special Effect using paint in the living room

Fabric Mimic: These techniques can produce the illusion and the elegance of fine fabric such as linen or the soft textured look of suede. They are created with a special finish roller and specially formulated paints like Crown Suede Textured Emulsion.


The appeal of textured and special effect finishes is the truly dramatic touch they can add to a room or a space at a very small cost. This has made the use of these tecniques one of the hottest trends in home décor in recent years. Creating effects on painted walls has become the perfect artform designed to dazzle and delight the eye.


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