Environmental Policy

As a responsible corporate citizen, CROWN PAINTS KENYA LIMITED gives high priority to health and safety of its employees with due importance to conservation of environment and its correlation with achieving business goals.

We recognize environmental protection as one of the guiding principles and a key component of sound business performance. We are committed to providing quality products and services as we promote and embrace the principle of responsible stewardship of natural environment. This commitment goes beyond compliance with relevant environmental legislation to encompassing the integration of company’s infrastructure and activities with the best environmental practices and pollution prevention in all our business operations.

Crown Paints Kenya Limited will strive to:

  • Adhere with all applicable environmental regulations and other requirements.
  • ¬†Implement and maintain a structured Environmental Management System based on the continual improvement of the environmental performance and regular review of the set environmental objectives, targets and programmes of all significant environmental aspects.
  • Adopt and implement environment friendly strategies of paint and resin production and supply to prevent pollution and waste generation.
  • Educate, train and inform all the employees on environmental protection and empower them to contribute and participate.
  • Link environmental management system with the occupational health and safety guidelines.
  • Regularly and appropriately communicate our environmental policy and programmes to all our employees and the concerned public.
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