Colour Applications

The Crown Color Visualizer
Preview and Visualize how your room or surface will look like with different shades to help you decide.

The revolutionary Crown Color Visualizer is an application that enables a user to preview graphical images of how different surfaces/rooms are likely to look in the event that the colors are changed (repainted).

Previously Crown Paints Kenya PLC customers and prospects had no way to preview/ imagine how a particular surface or room would look when a particular finish is applied to it. CCV invites you to take advantage of this template’s design, use the styles gallery on the home tab and preview the appearance of provided model rooms. It also comes with inbuilt capabilities that allow you to quickly and easily take photos of your rooms and surfaces and upload them onto the app which can then be used to pre-image and preview the same.

Functional Areas of The Crown Color Visualizer Include:

  • A browser-based color previewer
  • Picture submission and processing
  • Manipulation of customer pictures to provide preview when selected finishes are applied
  • Print and save facilities
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Register by Gmail and Facebook
  • Customer can share their images through G+, Facebook and twitter
  • An upload page/link for customer pictures to be previewed
  • Login page and Website link
  • Shades, textures and finishes to be applied to the item under the preview

The Process Flow: