VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are solids and liquids found in ordinary paints that convert easily to gas or vapour at room temperature which, when exposed to the environment and humans, can have harmful effects.

Recent research carried out globally has developed alternatives to VOCs that offer the same paint standard without the potentially unsafe chemical components, whilst improving air quality and reducing emissions that may pollute. These paints are referred to as zero VOCs.

Crown Paints has been manufacturing the low VOC paint ranges for some time, and after years of research is the first company in the region to manufacture and offer zero VOC paints, in line with its commitment to offer innovative products of the highest international standards.
Opting for zero VOC paints is an important step toward turning your interior or exterior paint job into a more environmentally friendly and healthier space.

  • Health Benefits

    Zero VOC paints cause no toxic

  • Key advantages of
    Zero VOC Paints
  • A Healthier Option with the
    Same Quality & Price

    Zero VOC paints are a value addition
    to the product range and are offered
    with no increase in price

  • Odourless

    Zero VOC paints are odourless and
    have less impact on the air quality,
    which makes them perfect for schools,
    hospitals and of course, homes

The following products will be offered in the zero VOC range*

Crown Vinyl Matt Luxury Emulsion

Best luxurious matt finish with high durability, stain protection and natural colours, suitable for interior and limited exterior exposure.

Crown Permaplast

Best paint for protecting exterior walls exposed to weather which offers 5-6 years life expectancy and natural colours.

Crown Silk Vinyl Emulsion

Offers good stain protection with vibrant colours which last for years, and also provide a silk-like finish with sheen on walls.


The special colourants are sourced from Lorama, Canada which qualify the zero VOCs requirements as per the highest global standard, which is ASTM D6886 (ASTM American Standards & Testing Methods). The finished product ranges are tested in an accredited analytical laboratory, TUV Singapore, for zero VOCs contents as per the British Standard (BS) Method – BS EN ISO 11890-2:2006

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