Painting 101: Decorative Paint Training

Research has revealed that over 80% of paint failures in developed nations are purely due to poor surface preparation and only about 10% due to product failure. Poor paint performance is attributable to a number of factors but often in reality end users apportion the blame to the product itself without looking at other factors. […]

Advantages of Textured paints: Most are water based with low VOC, low odour Can be applied to wood, wallboard, plaster, masonry (cement, brick, etc) and other surfaces. Most can be applied with minimal surface preparation Very durable – up to 15 years Washable Crown Ruff ‘N’ Tuff Exterior:  A thick emulsion formulated to provide multi […]

What are Paint Systems? A paint system is a planned sequence of coatings which are applied to a surface to give it protection, etc. where a single coating would be inadequate. Each coating used in the system provides its own special qualities which collectively provide the total protection, etc. to the substrate. No single paint […]

The quality of surface preparation significantly affects the performance, durability and quality of the job. Coating integrity and service life will be reduced because of improperly prepared surfaces. As high as 80% of all coating failures can be directly attributed to inadequate surface preparation that affects coating adhesion. Even the most expensive and good quality […]

What is Paint? Paint is a coloured or clear, liquid or solid substance which when applied to a surface and exposed to heat, certain chemicals or air converts to a dry, coherent and adherent film offering protection, etc., to the underlying substrate. Paint consists essentially of 3 main ingredients:- Paint Ingredients Resin: Also called binder, […]

Protection: All man-made structures consist of materials which will either erode or corrode if left exposed to the elements of wind, rain, sun, etc. Painting these materials protects them, gives them a longer life-span and makes them more economical to use. Decoration: Nature provides a vast array of natural colour in the form of trees, […]

Crown Paints New Painter's Handbook

To achieve decorating excellence requires planning & preparation, decorating/application skills and the desire to achieve the best results not the minimum. This booklet is set out to guide those who have had little formal training and to help fine tune and to remind those formally trained to keep doing correctly the key aspects of paint […]

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