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Crown Paints in Sh8M Nairobi facelift initiative

While officially launching the beauty of transformation campaign, an initiative aimed at beautifying the city at Makini School, Crown Paints CEO Rakesh Rao said the company has taken the initiative to ensure Nairobi has a facelift.

Rao said the company has taken a forefront in encouraging paint tin recycling projects as a way of promoting a clean environment. “These tins are a hazard to the environment and are more often than not used for storage and selling of counterfeit products”, he said.

Crown Paints will offer incentives by buying back every tin returned and recycle them to create pots for plants and dust bins which will be distributed to schools.

The CEO said the tins could be sold so as to recover the money spent on the project through encouraging people to support a safer, cleaner environment.

“We are running a campaign duped rudisha kopo “return the tin” where we will involve distributing fliers to those areas where our paint tins are collected”, he said. The Campaign also involves a group of young people that meet once a month at the British Council to do graffiti called WAPI. Most of these children are from the slum areas, they have talent but nowhere to express it.

Crown Paints is partnering with Makini School, to plant trees in the recycled tins as the pupils will be able monitor the progress of the plants.

“The whole idea is to save money and improve the environment as we strive to protect and improve current and planned timber usage whilst protecting the environment for future generations”, Rao said.

The country needs about seven billion trees to achieve the minimum 10 percent forest cover recommended by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP).