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Crown Paints seeks premium sales growth with new plaster product

crownarmourcoatArmourcoat is the world’s leading manufacturer of decorative plaster

Crown Paints, Kenya’s largest paint manufacturer, has launched a special non-paint product as it diversifies its premium category now accounting for over 60 per cent of the company’s sales. The move comes as trends in the real estate market reveal a growing consumer base in the middle and upper income segments keen on aesthetic and quality finishes.

According to Crown Paints CEO Rakesh Rao, the new product known as Crown Armourcoat, a polished wall plaster and sculpturing, is designed to cater for the discerning consumer looking for a variety of paint and non-paint interior wall finishes.

“We are seeing in the market an increasing shift to high-end finishes to lend a superior feel to interior living spaces. Consumers especially in the middle and upper income segments are also looking beyond traditional coating solutions like paint to achieve a strong aesthetic appeal in their homes and offices,” said Rao at the launch of Armourcoat at the company’s Westlands showroom.

Armourcoat is a decorative solution that features polished plaster and high performance surface finishes for modern and traditional interiors. It contains low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) thus making it environmentally friendly. The Armourcoat product range also features 3D sculptural effects and innovative panel systems.

“Armourcoat is the world’s leading manufacturer of a decorative plaster that has provided stunning interiors in some of the world’s most prestigious architectural projects including the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest building. Our customers can now enjoy stunning interior finishes thanks to our association with Armourcoat,” stated Rao.

A global brand that operates in over 70 countries, Armourcoat has also introduced a wide range of practical wall finishes for large scale commercial applications which outperform traditional wall coverings.

Customised polished plaster finishes are complimented by the selector range of fully repeatable finishes. This range comprises 72 colours which, when combined with the various textures and surface effects available, provides over 350 different finishes – the largest standard range of polished plaster available in the world today.

In August, Crown Paints launched three products targeting the market for high-end finishes, namely Metallica, Aquavar and Gyplast, as it strives to consolidate its presence in the premium paint and finishes category.

“Our focus remains pushing strongly into this dynamic consumer space driven by evolving tastes and preferences. There is a huge opportunity in providing customers with broader choice, that is, complimenting paint with quality finishes, and helping them enhance the living environment with these products” explained the CEO.

Crown is also betting on consumer and industry push for building safety and recently introduced Crown Timonox, designed to provide a first line defense against the spread of flames induced by flammable ingredients in paints. Solvents used in paint manufacture increase the risk of fire spreading through entire buildings thus endangering lives and property.