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We offer a wide range of paint and coating products for all your internal and external painting needs with the top-quality paint products, you can expect nothing but outstanding results.


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Textured Finishes Special Effects

Crown Rockmaster

KShs2,512 Exc VAT
KShs1,671KShs6,352 Exc VAT

Personal Protection

Crown Disinfectant

KShs121KShs1,112 Exc VAT

Personal Protection

Hand Sanitizer

KShs47KShs55,586 Exc VAT


Crown Roofmaster

KShs1,258KShs20,970 Exc VAT


Eggshell Finish

KShs1,267KShs24,226 Exc VAT

Gloss / Oil Based Paints

Transeal Acrylic Clear Coat

KShs887KShs13,207 Exc VAT