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Crown Paints Vice Chairman Hussein Ramji donates food to Sheikh Said Mohammed Amin of Pangani Shauri Moyo Mosque at the Likoni road showroom as part of the IFTAR Ramadan Program for the elderly and underprivileged families.​
Crown Paints team donate  food towards the Iftar Ramadan program at Mama Fauzia Children’s Home in Kasarani.
Crown Paints Mombasa team, lead by area sales manager Mr. Robert Chege (far left), ​Mr. Mustafa Abdul (extreme right), and Mrs. Amina Yasin (seated right). Donated food to​ several institutions, including Dear Dairy, Madrasa Noor, and Jahass Trading. The food will further be distributed to children’s home and madrasa in Mombasa during Ramadan.​

Ramadan is the most important time of year for Muslims, with a month dedicated to appreciation, prayer, family, and community. 

Crown Paints Kenya PLC collaborated with many organizations to support the IFTAR Ramadan Program for elderly and needy households.