Painting 101: Decorative Paint Training

Session 5: Specialized Textured Finishes

Advantages of Textured paints:

  • Most are water-based with low VOC, low odour
  • Can be applied to wood, wallboard, plaster, masonry (cement, brick, etc) and other surfaces.
  • Most can be applied with minimal surface preparation
  • Very durable up to 15 years
  • Washable

Crown Ruff ‘N’ Tuff Exterior: A thick emulsion formulated to provide multi directional textures on plaster, cement rendering, blockwork, cement, stone, bag-washed and fair-faced concrete. It can also be applied to timber, glass and aluminium. It incorporates mould resistant biocides and breathes out trapped moisture, resists efflorescence, is graffiti resistant.

Crown Colour Creations Basecoat: A combination of emulsion and pearl designed to provide a silky washable, unique and elegant appearance to interiors of hotels, stores, restaurants, bars hallways, recess feature walls, staircases, lift wells etc.

Crown Rock-Fast High Build Textured Finish: A tough, high-build, textured coating incorporating a mould resistant fungicide and rock aggregates, designed for the long-term exterior protection of commercial and domestic buildings in the most severe tropical and coastal climates. Rock-Fast can be applied to new and previously painted plaster, cement rendering, blockwork, concrete, stone, bag-washed surfaces and fair-faced concrete, asbestos and timber surfaces including chip-board, block board, plywood etc. On internal walls and ceilings, Rock-Fast produces an attractive and fashionable tough coating.

Crown Duo-Tone Finish: An extremely tough and attractive 2 or 3 colour silk finish for use in buildings over suitably prepared plaster, wood, metal, asbestos etc, and on previously painted sound surfaces. Particularly suitable in bathrooms, kitchens, cloakrooms, staircases, corridors, entrance halls and lift lobbies, banking halls, office partitioning and walls in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, food factories, bottling plants, hotel reception areas and high traffic areas where regular cleaning is necessary and an attractive, durable finish is desirable.

Crown Stronghold Textured Emulsion: A tough copolymer-based exterior emulsion, reinforced with rock aggregate and a fungicide to resist mould. Specially formulated to provide exceptional weather-resistance to masonary surfaces and for coastal areas. The rock aggregate produces a fine textured, matt finish which masks surface irregularities.

Crown Variations: A range of textured exterior finishes offering the best modern technology, long term decorative appearance and protection. They replace the need for stone, granite or cladding thereby reducing costs by over 50% but enhancing the aesthetic condition of the building. They have excellent adhesion, water resistance, washability, abrasion resistance, tensile and impact strength, resistance to algae and fungi, non-combustible and resistance to acid and fading and are virtually maintenance-free.

Micalite – Trowel Finish: Micalite is impregnated with glass and mica. It offers sophisticated decoration appeal adding that touch of class of commercial buildings. Ideal for high rise buildings for that unique look to add prestige. Micalite is a two coat system consisting of one coat primer of the same colour and one coat of texture. Applied by trowel.
Stone Finish– spray finish that will create a granite finish at 40% of the cost.
Opus – spray finish will create a bubble like finish
Natural Stone – trowel finish will create a natural stone-like finish

Crown Glass Plaster Finish: A high build 2 coat pure acrylic-based, ready mixed texture coating system (1 coat Primer plus 1 coat Glass Plaster Finish) Plaster Finish used to decorate, restore and protect new and previously painted interior and exterior surfaces such as plaster, concrete, wood, etc. It produces a sparkling, washable and water permeable high build finish with excellent adhesion, water-proofing, acid, algae and fungi resistance. It is available in 12 colours.