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UON Painting Competition

UON Painting Competition

Crown Paints held a Painting Competition that was aimed at reviving the African Culture through graffitti at the University of Nairobi. The theme for the competition was Graffitecture

In recent times there has been an emergence of an expressive culture among the youth. This fiercely outspoken culture has manifested itself in music, clothing and in terms of built form, graffiti. For the sole reason of depicting and celebrating this creative phenomenon that Architecture students have seen the need to step in make it a home of free-spirited expression that is through painting.

The art of graffiti is one that is here to stay and architecture should embrace and nurture it. Of late there have been cases of vandalism on walls and other surfaces by spray painting. This is a cry for an outlet for this medium of art.

Crown paints provided the following paints for the competition.

  • Cotillion red
  • Suray Yellow
  • True blue
  • Kiwi green
  • Cider brown
  • White
  • Black

The picture shows  the winner showing her work to Crown Paints CEO Mr. Rakesh Rao