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Crown Paints First To Launch Loyalty Program For Painters

Crown Paints has become the first paint manufacturer in the region to introduce a comprehensive loyalty program targeted at painters and ‘fundis’ aspiring to be professional painters.

The loyalty program dubbed Team Kubwa will be administered via a digital app where painters can register for rewards, special offers and skill development training. Painters who use Crown’s products can earn redeemable points on select products from the Crown range by inputting a code found on token cards inside the tin into their account on the mobile app, by SMS or simply by calling the Crown Paints Call Centre. Points earned can then be redeemed for vouchers, home appliances, mobile phones, holidays, professional tools and more.

The app can also be used by painters to put in training requests to learn how to use new products and finishes and improve existing skills. Crown Paints has set aside a budget of KSh100million for this loyalty program in the first year, but expects this to grow.

“The launch of Team Kubwa is another initiative to support and develop the painter fraternity that use our products. We have a large network of over 10,000 painters that we work with in Kenya. Most of them have been trained in using our innovative products and finishes making their skills more sought after. With the Team Kubwa Painters Loyalty Program, we are aiming to formalise that relationship and create more opportunities for painters to benefit from their relationship with Crown Paints. Our aim is to create a pool of highly skilled professionals who are in demand not only in Kenya, but also serve the East African region’s requirements for these skills,” said Crown Paints Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Rakesh Rao.

“The Team Kubwa Loyalty Program will also help us develop more tailor-made solutions for the market. The ability to track buying patterns, consumption habits and regional trends in product usage will allow the company to better respond to market needs,” added Mr. Rao.

The high levels of mobile and smartphone penetration in Kenya provided Crown Paints with the opportunity to create a digital platform for this program. The Team Kubwa app is available on the Google Play Store. However, painters who do not have smartphones can still earn points via an SMS shortcode or the by contacting the Crown Paints call center. The Team Kubwa app is the second app released by the manufacturer after its highly successful Colour App launched in 2015.

The East African paint manufacturer is known for its high-quality, value-based products, and services. Listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, it operates through an extensive network of dealers and showrooms in all major cities and towns in Kenya. Crown Paints won in a number of categories at the recent COYA Awards including the prestigious Company of The Year 2016 Award.

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