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FAQs For Ultraguard Protect Silicone Extreme Paints

Crown Paints has launched its latest innovative exterior paint product to protect buildings from extreme weather conditions that cause dilapidation and loss of value in the property market.

The CEO, Mr Rakesh Rao, said Crown Ultraguard Protect Silicone Extreme will offer over 15 years warranty with dirt pick up resistance, algae, mould, fungus resistance and crack bridging, meaning fibre reinforced formulation for extra strength to paint film in order to cover hairline cracks without cracking, maintaining property value for a long time.

“The new paint does not allow water to penetrate as it has a special breathing property, which allows moisture to evaporate while hindering water from outside to penetrate the walls. What specifically differentiates it from Crown Ultraguard Silicone, an existing water-repellent paint launched over a year ago, is its dirt pick up resistance and crack bridging property” Rao added.

  1. Where are Ultraguard exterior paints used?

Ultraguard exterior paints are best suited for exterior concrete/plaster walls that are exposed to external weather. However, the longevity of its adhesion to wooden and metallic surfaces largely depends on the condition of these surfaces.

  1. How are Ultraguard exterior paints different from other exterior paints?

Ultraguard exterior paint is a high-quality water-based exterior paint designed with silicone technology from Wacker Chemie plc from Germany. It stands out from other ordinary exterior paints in protecting exterior walls from extreme weather conditions such as rainwater, dirt, humidity and moistures, algae, mould, fungus and ultraviolet rays.

The silicone technology in Ultraguard exterior paints helps it sustain the exterior environment and saves you the maintenance cost and hustle of repainting your building every 3-4 years, as is the case with normal paints. The best part being exterior paints have a life expectancy of 10-15 years

  1. What is silicone technology as used in Ultraguard exterior paints?

The specially designed silicone additive that is added in water-based exterior paints provides them with extra power that helps them enhance the durability of construction buildings.

  1. What are the advantages/benefits of using silicone technology in Ultraguard exterior paints?
  • Water repellent property – this helps prevent the penetration of water into concrete walls, something that ordinary exterior paints do not have.
  • Breathing property – this is a special breathing property that allows any moisture in the concrete to evaporate while keeping out any moisture simultaneously.
  • UV protection – this helps protect your walls from the Ultraviolet rays from the sun and prevent colour fading in the process, ultimately maintaining the beauty of your building for years to come.
  • Cleaning property – Exterior walls painted with Ultraguard paints are easy to clean as opposed to those painted with normal paint. This property helps maintain the attractiveness of walls.
  • Ultraguard paints further protect the safety of your home by resisting the growth of algae, mould & fungus.

The above properties help protect the bars reinforced inside concrete from corrosion by preventing water penetration through the walls. Ultraguard exterior paint film protects concrete from external weather and maintains the strength of the building for longer, by letting moisture inside the concrete evaporate without damaging the paint film. As a result, you get to maintain the beauty of your building construction for years.

  1. Is Ultraguard exterior paint suitable for interior surfaces?

Ultraguard exterior paints are designed to protect the exterior walls of homes/buildings from outdoor weather conditions. We have specially designed paints to protect the interior of your homes and business premises.

  1. Does Ultraguard exterior paint require primer/undercoats or skim coat before application?
  • For full performance, of Ultraguard Exterior Paints, the surface preparation is necessary. Depending on the surface, primers/undercoats are required.
  • If the surface is chunky, use Crown Penetrating Primer or Crown 3 Masonry primer to bond the chunky powder.
  • To level, the surface, use Crown Wallplast exterior/interior cement putty.
  • For better performance, use undercoat emulsion exterior/interior or acrylic sealers.
  • If the wall is levelled by skimming material over it, apply Ultraguard Exterior Paint as a primer followed by topcoats. The first coat of Ultraguard exterior paint is thinned by 15% clean water while topcoats – 2nd or 3rd, depending on the shade, by not more than 5%. Make sure you read the instruction carefully.
  1. How many products are available in Ultraguard exterior paints & what is the difference between the products?

Ultraguard Exterior paints have 2 products:

  • Ultraguard silicone paints: provides excellent protection of construction walls from water/moisture and UV rays through properties such as water repellent and breathability.
  • Crown Ultraguard Protect Silicone Extreme: is a superior grade of exterior paint that offers extra protection due to the following properties:-
    • Extra water repellent to keep your building dry and safe from moulds, fungus, and algae.
    • Dirt pick up resistance that helps retain the aesthetic of your building by making cleaning the wall easier.
    • Crack bridging, which prevents the development of fine hairline cracks caused by the expansion and contraction of concrete. Its elasticity sustains concrete elongation without breakage to help bridge the cracks and protect from water penetration.
    • Micro-porous and breathable property to take any moisture out.
  1. What are the pack sizes available?

Pack size available are: 20 litres, 4 litres & 1 litre

  1. How many colours are available in Ultraguard exterior paints?

Above 9000 shades are available.

  1. What sheen does Crown Ultraguard Protect Silicone Extreme have?

Crown Ultraguard Protect Silicone Extreme has little sheen. Dead matt and high gloss are not available.

  1. Does Ultraguard Silicone & Crown Ultraguard Protect Silicone Extreme offer a warranty?

Ultraguard Silicone offers 10 years while Crown Ultraguard Protect Silicone Extreme offers 15 years performance warranty that covers water repellent, dust resistance and colours fading. Depending on the application conditions durability warranty is also covered. Kindly refer to our warranty documents.

  1. Why is the price of Crown Ultraguard Protect Silicone Extreme higher than Ultraguard Silicone?

This is becauseCrown Ultraguard Protect Silicone Extreme is a superior grade product that has more features such as dirt proof and cracks bridging, with additional power to resist water and protect against changing weather conditions.