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Hundreds of Crown Paints Team Kubwa members eligible to receive school fees for themselves or their dependents

Crown Team Kubwa members have each qualified to redeem up to Ksh 10,000 worth of school fees for their children after attaining and redeeming 12,000 points and above as part of Crown Paint’s Kenya PLC transformative loyalty program for Kenyan Painters. Crown Paint’s vision is to break the poverty cycle & transform lives and, in 2017, launched the Team Kubwa program whose aim is to provide free technical & business skills training to drive self-sustenance for painters, masons, carpenters, auto Jua Kali artisans while rewarding them for their loyalty.

“So far, we have trained & registered thousands of painters & each has the potential to bank points and reach the redemption level for redeeming points for school fees for their loved ones,” explained Rakesh Rao, Crown Paints Group CEO.

Mr. Rao said Team Kubwa Painters’ needs to revolve around personal empowerment & Crown Paint’s vision is to transform lives, thereby offering the new school fees redemption option to continue to tap into this unmet need.

He said the reward was a new redemption option that seeks to empower the painters, together with their families, with training and education through direct payment of school fees to their institution of choice where they are currently enrolled or have a child or spouse presently enrolled in.

The Team Kubwa program encourages Painters to actively bank their points, which enables them to redeem prizes that could transform their lives from shopping, electricity bills to painting gear and Crown Paints products.

Crown Paints Kenya PLC plans to roll out more rewards to increase the number of active painters in 2020 and encourages painters to continue banking their points to get more rewards!