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MTN and Crown Paints in a CSR Campaign

mtncrownCaption: MTN Business Kenya Managing Director Tom Omariba receives paints jerry cans from Crown Paints Kenya PLC CEO Mr. Rakesh Rao. As part of its annual CSR MTN Business Kenya will be setting up a Library and an ICT Learning center in Maralal Primary School. Crown Paints Kenya PLC announced 75 liters of paint sponsorship toward the library project.

In a bid to promote education in the country, MTN Business Kenya has launched a 21 day Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign dubbed 21 days of Yello Care.

The climax of the twenty-one days campaign will be on Saturday 21st June 2014, when MTN Business will commission a fully equipped library in Maralal Primary located with Samburu County.

The library, which will serve as a community ICT Center will be fully equipped with e-books, tablets, internet and physical textbooks.

Announcing, the campaign, MTN Business Kenya Managing Director Tom Omariba said, “Education is a valuable foundation to any individual and society. Therefore we are passionate about this year’s theme of Investing in Education for all. Our project will take us to Maralal, located in Samburu County, North Eastern Kenya.”

He explained, “The area has few schools, few teachers and high population of school going children. Despite their challenges, the county managed to record an outstanding performance in the last National Examinations. We feel they could do even better with a little bit of support. We are proposing to set up a library in the main school in the area to be used by the community. This will increase access to educational material for both the teachers and the students.”

At the same time, Crown Paints Kenya PLC announced 75 liters of paint sponsorship toward the library project.

“At Crown Paint we are passionate about education since we believe in supporting children future. They are the generation that will change our destination in the coming years,” said Mr. Rakesh Rao CEO Crown Paints Kenya PLC. 

Mr. Omariba, however added, “The digital platform will deliver digital content to the community. This will be delivered by providing a number of tablets for the teachers to use during lessons and placement of others in the library for both the teachers and students.”