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Product Description

Crown Metallica is a water based special effect range provided in 10 optional effects which add visual depth and dimension to your home in an easy and inexpensive manner.

Metallica is based on a base coat, with the finish being provided by a metallic top coat. The top coat retains the pattern left by the tool that created it at the same time providing greater workable time to create the effects. Special effect tools used to create these effects are available with the dealers.


  • Lustrous look with opulent texture.
  • Imaginative designs.
  • 10 different patterns.
  • Available in Gold, Silver and Copper colours.

Advantages: Water based. Low VOC. Low odour. Washable. Quick drying.

Finish: Smooth

Colour range: Basecoat: 32 shades in Gold, Silver and Copper colours

Topcoat: Prominent 99 colours from Ambiance.

Spreading Capacity: Basecoat: 12 – 16 m2/ litre/coat on smooth surface (depending on surface porosity)

Topcoat: Depends on type of application; it is generally about 55  140ml/m2 (7 18m2/ litre.

Application: Only specified base coat of Crown Silk Emulsion should be used. No other matt paints to be used as they may be too absorbent impairing the production of the desired effect. Wet the wall lightly with water before application of top coat with a flat sponge to take care of surface absorption and to have ease of application.

Working in pairs produces best results, while one person applies Crown Metallica and the other person creates the special effect. Leave wet edges as a margin of un-worked paint at the end of each section to allow blending with the next section of paint. If the leading edge dries, you will have a lap mark. It is important to stand back and look at the wall every now and then to make sure that a uniform effect has been achieved.

Thinning: Supplied ready for use but may be thinned up to 5% with clean water if required. Avoid overthinning.

Drying times

  • Base: Dust free: 30 min -1 hr depending on temperature. Hard dry: 4 hrs
  • Topcoat: Starts to dry in about 10 minutes so working with speed is of outmost importance.

Equipment cleaner: Clean equipment with clean water.

Pack sizes:  1L and 4L (Basecoat) and½L and 1L (Topcoat)


New smooth surfaces: Apply 1 coat Crown Acrylic Primer/ Sealer Undercoat followed 1 coat Crown Silk Emulsion Basecoat then topcoat.

New, rough porous surfaces: Apply 1 coat Crown Acrylic Primer/ Sealer Undercoat followed by a thin coat of Crown Wallfiller. Then apply a second coat of Crown Acrylic Primer/ Sealer Undercoat followed by 1 coat Crown Silk Emulsion Basecoat, then topcoat.

Surfaces Previously Painted in Water based Paint: Ensure the surface is clean and free of powdery or flaking material. If surface is still suspect, apply 1 coat of Crown Penetrating Primer and allow to dry overnight. Then apply 1 coat Crown Silk Emulsion Basecoat followed by topcoat.

Previously Gloss Painted Surfaces: Ensure that the gloss finish is thoroughly rubbed down to provide a key. Apply 1 coat of Crown Undercoat followed by 1 coat Crown Silk Emulsion Basecoat and then topcoat.

Loosely bound & lime-washed, cement painted, distempered surfaces: Remove all loose and flaking material down to a firm base, where necessary removing all previous coatings down to the original building fabric (refer Surface Preparation Data Sheet SP 1). Apply 1 coat Crown

Penetrating Primer: Apply 1 coat Crown Silk Emulsion Basecoat followed by topcoat.

For health & safety information, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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