Crown Rockmaster

Crown Rockmaster

The recommendations contained herein are given in good faith and meant to guide the user
in accordance with good painting practices. They are gained from our tests and experiences and are
believed to be accurate and reliable. No warranty/guarantee is implied by the recommendations contained
herein since the conditions of use; application method, substrate and cleanliness of the substrate are
beyond Crown Paints Kenya PLC control.

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Product Description

Type: A cement based polymeric texture wall finish made from finest quality minerals, white
cement and polymers.

Recommended use: Ideal for decorating and protecting interior and exterior walls.

Substrates: New or previously painted (sound) plaster, concrete and cement rendering.

Advantages: Highly compatible with cementitious surfaces. Hides surface undulations and
cracks. Tough textured and durable. Protects walls and plasters from heavy rains and wind.
Resistance to algae and fungus. Excellent UV resistance, good workability and high durability

Conditions during application: The temperature of the substrate should be a minimum of 10°C and at
least 3°C above the dew point of the air, measured near the substrate. Good ventilation is required in
confined areas to ensure proper drying.

Colour Range: White to the pale cream base which can be top-coated with over 11,200 shades in
water-based finishes from our Dispensing Unit

Pack Sizes: 30kg. 5kg for samples only

Finish: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm textured variants finishes

Shelf Life: 12 months if stored under cool and dry conditions.

Thinner & equipment cleaner: Water

Mixing Ratio: 150 to 200ml water for every 1kg of powder (4.5 – 6L water per 30kg bag of powder)


• Take 150 – 200ml water for every 1kg of Rockmaster powder in a clean plastic container.
• Add the Rockmaster to the water (NOT water to powder) slowly while stirring.
• Mix with a handheld electric mixer (recommended) or by hand till homogeneous lump-free
• Allow the resultant paste to stand for 5 – 10 minutes for additives to dissolve completely.
• Remix again for about 2 minutes. The mixture is now ready to be applied.
Pot-life: 60 – 80 minutes maximum. Mix only enough quantity to be applied within 2 hours

Film thickness: 1mm to 3mm depending on the variant

Drying Times: Surface dry: 1-hour max. Recoatable/ Hard Dry: 8 hours max

APPLICATION DATA: The product can be applied by: STAINLESS STEEL trowel and finished
with a special plastic trowel or comb to create the final design texture e.g., Horizontal, Vertical,
Circular etc. Crown provides a SUPPLY & APPLY service for this product. Contact our Call Centre for
more details.

Spreading Capacity per coat: Depends on film thickness applied, a variant of texture, surface porosity,
surface imperfections, temperature & wastage during painting.
8 – 9 m²/ 30kg per coat for 3 mm variant.
9 – 10 m²/ 30kg per coat for 2 mm variant.
11 – 12 m²/ 30kg per coat for 1 mm variant.
The maximum spread rate per coat is obtained at minimum dry film thickness and vice versa.
Surface preparation & Application.
• Dampen the surface to be plastered with clean water. Allow excess water to drain off
• Once the surface is clean, apply Rockmaster with a Stainless-steel trowel on the prepared
plaster surface.
• Leave the surface to dry for 10 minutes.
• Make the desired pattern using a plastic/ fibre trowel and move uniformly on the surface to
get the desired texture pattern and uniform levelling.
• Allow full curing (minimum 8hrs) then apply a suitable water-based topcoat of the desired colour.

1. Ensure the surface, where Rockmaster is to be applied, is plain and levelled.
2. Avoid applying Rockmaster on surfaces that are subjected to continuous dampness.
3. Recommended: Use the material mix within 2 hours after adding water.
4. While mixing or applying Rockmaster, we recommend wearing of protective clothing and eye goggles to
avoid dust entering the eyes.


From Crown Depots in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Meru, Nyeri, Eldoret, Arusha,
Mwanza, Dar es Salaam, Kigali and through Crown Stockists.
Storage Conditions: Store under cool dry conditions away from direct sunlight, heat and
extreme cold.


Technology may change with time, necessitating changes to this Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Crown Paints
Kenya PLC reserves the right to amend the TDS without any further notice.
It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the latest TDS is being used for reference.

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