Crown Road Marking

Crown Road Marking

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Product Description

A matt, durable, hardwearing finish designed for use for traffic lines and sign markings on general road surfaces and parking spaces. A reflective finish can be achieved, if required, by sprinkling Ballotini beads on to the wet paint film or by thoroughly dispersing Ballotini in the paint prior to application.


Manufactured from high-quality pigments and a mixture of high-quality resins for added durability.

Advantages: Excellent adhesion. Good flexibility and quick drying.

Finish: Matt.

Application: By brush or spraying machine.

Thinning & Mixing: Crown Road Marking Thinner. Stir well before use. Avoid overthinning.

Drying Time: 4 -10 minutes.

Spreading Capacity: 2½ – 3 m2/l @175µm WFT as per KEBS specification.

Colour range: White, Yellow and Black.

Equipment Cleaner: Crown Road Marking Paint Thinners.

Pack Sizes: 1 litre, 4 litres and 20 litres.

Availability: From Crown Depots in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Crown Stockists.


General road Surfaces: Dry brush all dirt from the surface and remove any loose chippings. Ensure the surface is perfectly dry at the time of painting. Apply liberally by brush 1 coat of Crown Road Marking Paint. Avoid excessive over-brushing. For machine application thin to the required spray viscosity with Crown Roadline Thinner.

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