Crown Silicone Water Proofing Solution

Crown Silicone Water Proofing Solution

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Product Description

The transparent solution is designed for use on exterior masonry including porous surfaces. Does not prevent the wall from breathing whilst providing an effective waterproof barrier. This does not alter surface appearance. Remains effective for 5-10 years. Recommended for use on new and unpainted fair-faced concrete, cement rendering, brick, stone etc.

Characteristics: Silicone resin dispersed in solvent.

Advantages: Waterproof exterior masonry. Allows trapped moisture to escape. Does not alter surface appearance or texture. Effective for a long time.

Application: Brush or spray. Apply generously; flood the surface to cause a run down of about one-foot (300 mm). If spray applied, use the minimum pressure to prevent atomization. A mask should be worn as concentrations of the solvents on prolonged use may cause temporary dizziness or sickness if inhaled.

Thinning: Supplied ready for use.

Drying Times: Surface dry 1 hour. Re-coatable after 16 hours.

Spreading Capacity: 2-5 m2/l depending on surface texture and porosity.

Equipment Cleaner: Crown White Spirit.

Colour range: Clear.

Pack Sizes: 5 litres, 20 litres.

Availability: From Crown Depots in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu and through Crown Stockists.


Prepare surface (refer application above). Ensure all surfaces are covered.


  1. Should not be used on wood, canvas or fabrics.
  2. Splashes on painted surfaces should be removed with a rag dipped in Crown White Spirit.
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