Crown Timber Master

Crown Timber Master

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Product Description

TIMBER MASTER is the innovative oil modified resin wood preservatives with excellent translucent finishes which maintain the natural look of wood and does not hide the wood grains.

This exceptional product preserves the wood by penetrating deep into the wood to protect it from termites and bacteria which damage the beauty of wood furniture.

Timber Master Wood stains have the best protection against moisture and ultraviolet rays from the sun which helps in maintaining the wood furniture in its beautiful condition year after year.

Timber Master is best suited for any table tops including bar counters, hotel dining, tea and coffee tables. It is also suitable for doors, windows, chairs, garden furniture and wooden paneling.

Colour range: Clear, Mahogany, Teak, Walnut, Pine, Lignum, Ebony and Red Wood. (refer the crown wood finish shade card).

Drying times: Touch dry: 4 hours. Recoating Time: Minimum 6 hours.

Finish: Smooth and Matt.

Thinner: Crown White Spirit (only if required).

Surface preparation: Surface should be clean, dry and free of any loose powder.

Thinner: Crown White Spirit (only if required).

Application: By brush or roller, with light sanding between coats to improve adhesion.

Spreading capacity: Smooth / Bare softwood 10 m2 /litre. The spreading capacity depends upon the wood type and will change.

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