Crown Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint

Crown Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint

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Product Description

Product Description & uses: A high performance coating supplied in two-pack form offering maximum resistance to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It forms a tough impervious film and is recommended for use where continual wetting and cleaning processes are being used. Recommended for use on concrete floors in chemical plants, laboratories, hospitals, dairies, breweries, food factories, bottling plants, vehicle showrooms etc.

Its excellent chemical resistance withstands all types of detergents, bleaches, weak solutions of acids and alkali (10%), fats, oils, fruit juices and various types of solvents.

Do not apply Crown Two-Pack Epoxy Floor Paint over previously painted surfaces (see specification) or to new concrete floor screeds until they have fully cured/dried out.

The two-pack product, which is mixed shortly before use with the catalyst/hardener, does not attain maximum hardness and chemical resistance until 4 -5 days after application (at a temperature of 18°C/65°F).

Characteristics: Manufactured from high-quality inert pigments finely ground in a combination of epoxy resins.

Advantages: Abrasion, chemical and solvent resistant decorative finish.

Finish: Gloss.

Application: By brush, roller or spray (when applying by spray, face masks must be worn).

Thinning & Mixing: The two components (base and catalyst) must be mixed together to produce 4 litres of material, alternatively smaller quantities can be mixed strictly in accordance with the mixing ratios indicated on the container. Stir well and allow standing for 15-20 minutes before use. Thin the 1st coat approximately 20% with Crown Two-Pack Epoxy Thinners to ease brushing and to improve adhesion with the floor screed.

Note: As the pot-life of the mixed material is limited to about 12 hours, care should be taken to avoid mixing more material than can be used during one working day.

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