Crown Variations Micalite

Crown Variations Micalite

Product Description

Crown Variations is a range of textured exterior finishes offering the best modern technology and long term decorative appearance and protection. They replace the need for stone, granite or cladding thereby reducing costs by over 50% but enhancing the aesthetic condition of the building.

Characteristics: Micalite is impregnated with glass and mica. It offers sophisticated decoration appeal adding that touch of class of commercial buildings. Ideal for high rise buildings for that unique look to add prestige. Micalite is a two coat system consisting of one coat primer of the same colour and one coat of texture.

Advantages: Excellent adhesion, water resistant, washable, abrasion resistant, high tensile and impact strength, resistant to algae and fungi, non-combustible and resistant to acid and fading. Virtually maintenance-free.

Finish: Textured

Application: By trowel.

Film thickness: 1 to 1.5 mm

Colour range: Wide range available upon request

Drying times: Surface dry: 4 hours Re-coatable after 24 hours. Hard dry 7 days

Standard coverage: Approximately 10-12 m2 per 25kg but varies with texture and surface condition.

Equipment cleaner: Water

Packing: 25kg bag of powder + 5 litres bonding agent


  • Pour 5 litres of Bonding Agent in a clean plastic container
  • Add 5 litres of clean water to the Bonding Agent
  • Pour 25kg dry coloured sand into the tub
  • Mix contents thoroughly and leave for 15 minutes for optimum performance
  • For best performance, apply 1 coat of primer and 1 coat of texture
  • Apply 1st coat, a priming coat on the surface of the same colour
  • Apply 2nd coat after 24 hours as per required texture density with a stainless steel trowel

Crown Variations: Once applied, no further decoration is envisaged during the lifetime of the building

For health & safety information, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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