Fevicol Hiper

Fevicol Hiper

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Product Description

Product brief

Fevicol Hiper is an advanced cellu-weld technology base adhesive which welds wood fibres very quickly and forms a weld like a bond between two woods. It is ready-to-use glue suitable for all types of hardwood and softwoods.


Suitable for wood joints, edge gluing, face gluing in furniture work

Doors and window frames

Veneer and laminate pasting on MDF, HDF, particle board, plywood, chipboard etc

Features & Benefits

  • Bonds all type of exotic hardwood, medium hardwood and softwood
  • Optimum viscosity -neat and clean workability, no dripping over glue line and better coverageStrength development in 2hrs
  • Complies with VOC requirement of LEED EQ 4.1
  • Very aggressive tack to hold the wood in place
  • Appearance: Milky white emulsion
  • Viscosity at 30 °C: 200 to 275   Poise (By B.F. RVT Spl.-6, RPM – 20)
  • Densitat 30degc : 1.06 -1.10 gm/ml
  • Flow: Continuous
  • Clamp Time: 2-4 Hrs

Packing:  250gm 500gm 1 Kg 5 Kg

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