Hymeg AD12 Insulating Varnish

Hymeg AD12 Insulating Varnish

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Product Description

A hard curing insulating varnish with excellent penetration, bond strength and resistance to moisture and corrosive materials. Designed for use as a general-purpose insulating varnish for stators, transformers and rotating parts for Class A (105oC) through to Class H applications (180oC).

Characteristics: Based on modified polyester resin.

Advantages: High bonding strength and penetration. Excellent moisture and chemical resistance.

Appearance: Clear fluid.

Application: By immersion.

Thinning: No thinning required; supplied ready for use

Equipment Cleaner: Xylene.

Pack Sizes: 5 litres

Drying Time: 1 hour @ 165oC.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Ensure that the surface is dry and free from all oil, grease, dirt, etc.

For health & safety information, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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