Italia WOW Decorative Paints

Italia WOW Decorative Paints

Crown ITALIA WOW was an evolution formula which enhance the solid water base colour of your walls with sparkling snow-textured effect. ITALIA WOW is complete ecological water-base textured paint with ease in handling and easy to apply.

Product Description



Used for decorative of interior walls, ceilings, brickwork and cement boards with a Snow-Texture finish.


CROWN ITALIA WOW enable the user to apply on existing favourite solid colour of the wall & convert your existing wall into astonishing textured effect.

Finish: – Sparking Matt Texture.

-Apply by brush only.

Thinning & Mixing:

-No Thinning required. Ready to use. Stir well before use.

Drying Times:

-Single coat (@ 28ºC, 50% RH)

-Touch Dry ≤ 3 Hours (Dry enough to touch)

-Complete Hard Dry ≤ 72 hours to achieve performance properties like waterproof, light nail scratch resistance & other properties

-Recoating Time – Not necessary

Spreading Capacity:

-Approx. 7 – 9m² / litre (Depending on surface evenness)

Equipment Cleaner:


Colour range:

-Clear with White texture & Gold texture

Pack Sizes:

-1 litre & 4 litres.

Spread Rate :

7-9 Sqmt /Litre


-From Crown Depots and through Crown Stockiest.


Depending on the final Crown Italia finishes, Crown Italia Primer will require to be tint to make colours.

Previously Painted – Select the painted surface with water base paint & is free of cracks, peeling off paint or any defects. Apply 1 coat of Crown Italia Wow on an existing water-based painted colored wall. (Preferable on solid colour wall paint are Crown Vinyl Matt Luxury and Crown Vinyl Silk).

Crown Italia Series Products Crown Italia Primer Guideline Top Coat Tinting required or Adding Pearl Pigment/SupGlitter
Crown Italia Wow


No Primer Required

Add SupGlitter at Crown Depot or authorized stockist

Crown Italia Uno


Use Crown Italia Primer Primer White only.

Coloured Neutral Coat Topcoat required as per the Shade. Refer Shade card.

Crown Italia Uno Plus


Use Coloured Primer as per the shade. Refer Shade card

Add Pearl Pigment as per the shade at Crown Depot or authorized stockist. Refer Shade card.

Crown Italia Due


Use Coloured Primer as per the shade. Refer Shade card

Add Pearl Pigment as per the shade at Crown Depot or authorized stockist. Refer Shade card

Please Note: The addition of pearl pigment strictly be done at Crown Depots & authorized stockiest only. As after addition of pearl pigment & SupGlitter, the mix requires shaker for proper mixing. If not shaken for 2-3 minutes may find defects like shade variation or loose adhesion of SupGlitter after drying

Safety, Health and Environmental Information

– When applying paint, it is advisable to wear eye protection and suitable gloves.

– In case of contact with eye, rinse with plenty of water immediately and seek medical advice.

– Remove splashes of paint from skin by using soap or water.

– Keep container tightly closed and away from food, drinks, animal feed and out of the reach of children.

– Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.

– Paint must always be stored in upright position and a cool place.

– Dispose off any paint waste in accordance with the appropriate Environmental Quality Regulations.

– Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for complete product safety information.

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