Motocryl 2K Acrylic

Motocryl 2K Acrylic

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Product Description

Product brief

Motocryl 2K Acrylic is an air drying, 2-component Acrylic offering excellent gloss retention. It is also a low-bake system that can be force dried to reduce processing times.

Product Uses

  • It is used for refinishing automotive vehicles in general, or whenever a high quality finish is required. This includes use as a topcoat in cases where high gloss retention is required.
  • For the re-coating and repairing of commercial and passenger vehicles providing a superior appearance and exterior durability

Application Information

Mixing: – Stir until homogeneous.
Application Surface conditions:

-Surface Temperature between 10 – 35°C Relative Humidity between 10.
– 85 % OR 2ºC above dew point minimum.

Application methods:

-Spray. Brush may also be used for lower quality jobs.

Mixing Ratio (By Volume)

-4 parts Motocryl 2K Acrylic enamel: 1 part Motocryl 2K Acrylic Hardener: 1 part Motocryl 2K Acrylic Thinner (by volume).


-This product is highly susceptible to moisture and should be mixed/stored in dry, non-humid conditions. After mixing base, hardener and thinner in the correct ratio, allow to stand for 5-7 minutes for bubbles/effervescence to subside, before use.

Hardener contains isocyanate:

-Ensure adequate ventilation and good booth extraction when spraying and put on respirator.

Application Viscosity:

-20 -22 seconds B4 Cup @25oC.

Application Pressure:

-45 -50 PSI.


-Motocryl 2K Acrylic Thinner.

Recoating Time:

-12 hours at 23ºC 30 minutes when baked ay 80ºC.

Pot life:

-The mixture has a Pot-life of between 4-6 hours therefore mix only what can all be used within the time. Any material not used beyond the Pot-life is useless and should not be used.

Cleaning of equipment:

-After use, remove as much product as possible, and then clean immediately with 2K thinner.

Coats Required:

-2 to 3 coats may be required to achieve 40-50 microns DFT.


-Do not apply during cold (below 10°C) or wet weather. Use appropriate safety gear Accuracy in mixing ratios of Motocryl 2K Acrylic Hardener with Base paint is vital, as a deficit or surplus of hardener will affect the hardness and durability adversely. Motocryl 2K Acrylic Hardener should be kept in a tightly closed container, as humidity will turn it into a solid mass.




  • Suitably primed or previously painted mild steel, galvanised iron, aluminium, fibreglass and wood
  • Use in conjunction with Motocryl 2K Acrylic Primer for optimal performance

Features & Benefits

  • Moderate Weather resistance
  • Good Scratch resistance
  • Good Chemical resistance
  • Lead & Chrome free
  • Moderate resistance petrol, mild chemicals, mechanical abrasion and harsh weather conditions

Spreading Capacity per coat

Depends on film thickness applied, primer porosity, imperfections, temperature & wastage during painting. 8 – 10 m²/l per coat. Maximum spread rate per coat is obtained at minimum dry film thickness and vice versa.

Drying Time

Surface Temperature Touch Dry Hard Dry Overcoating/ Repair Time Potlife
15-25 °C 1 hour 6 hours 6 hours 8 hours
26 – 30°C

¾ hour

4 -5 hours 5 hours

6 hours

31 – 35°C

½ hour

3 hours 4 hours 4 hours



For increased productivity, Motocryl 2K Acrylic Enamel can be baked/ stoved at 60 – 70oC for 45 minutes after a 10 minute flash off.

Packaging: 1 ltr,  4 ltr

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