Red Oxide (Pre-Fab) Primer/Finish Glossy

Red Oxide (Pre-Fab) Primer/Finish Glossy

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Product Description

An economical primer/surfacer specifically designed for workshop/industrial use on steelwork, commercial vehicle bodies, machinery, metal casement windows etc. This shop primer produces a gloss finish, sometimes preferred when a period of weeks/months is likely to elapse before overcoating. If overcoating is to take place more or less immediately, the use of a matt primer i.e. Crown Red Oxide/Zinc Chromate Primer is recommended. For maximum protection of exposed steelwork, particularly in coastal regions, the use of Crown Zinc Phosphate Primer is recommended.

Characteristics: A special synthetic medium pigmented with red oxide pigments.

Advantages: Economical, good corrosion resistance and good adhesion properties.

Finish: Glossy

Application: By brush, roller or spray

Thinning: Supplied ready for use for brush application on smooth surfaces but where necessary, and for spray application, thin with Crown White Spirit. Over thinning will affect opacity. Stir well before use.

Drying times: Recoatable after 16 hours.

Spreading capacity: 12-16 m2/l when applied by brush on a smooth surface.

Equipment cleaner: Crown White Spirit

Colour range: Red Oxide

Pack sizes: 4 litres

Availability: From Crown Depots in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu and through Crown Stockists.

For health & safety information, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

New Iron and Steel Work: Prepare surface (refer SP 3). Apply 1 coat of Red Oxide Glossy Primer

Previously painted surfaces: Prepare surface and patch prime bare metal surface areas with 1 coat Crown Red Oxide Glossy Primer.

Galvanized Iron & Non-Ferrous Surfaces: Not recommended.

For health & safety information, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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