Stronghold Wood Adhesive

Stronghold Wood Adhesive

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Product Description

A high-quality P.V.A adhesive designed for the jointing and bonding of timber and plywood.

Characteristics: A new formulation incorporating the finest polyvinyl acetate as the binder.

Advantages: High bonding power, attractive appearance, quick-drying and easily cleaned with water as the solvent.

Appearance: White viscous gel or suspension.

Application: By brush.

Thinning: Supplied ready for use. DO NOT THIN.

Equipment Cleaner: Water.

Pack Sizes: ½ Kg, 1Kg, 4Kg & 25Kg

Drying Time: 4 Hours

Specification for use: Ensure that the surface is clean, completely dry, in sound condition and free from grease or dust. Apply a liberal coat of the adhesive (2-3mm thick) with a clean brush to both surfaces to be bonded. Do not cover too large an area at any one time. Allow drying for approximately 2-3 minutes. Bring both surfaces together. On completing the joint, hold or clamp with a firm but not excessive pressure. Allow to fully set for a period of 4 hours (minimum) before removing the pressure.

Other Directions: Store in a cool dry place.

For health & safety, information please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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