Thermoline Road Marking System

Thermoline Road Marking System

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Product Description

Thermoplastic road marking material is a formulation of plasticized resin, aggregate, pigment and glass beads supplied in powder form. Thermoline is heated and applied to the road surface where it rapidly cools and sets. The material consists of 100% solids and is environmentally friendly as it is solvent-free.

Thermoline conforms to the British Standards (BS) specifications, 3262: Part 1/1989 and Kenya Standard KS 2157-1: 2008.

Characteristics: Manufactured from synthetic resin in combination with pigment, extenders and retro-reflective glass beads.

Advantages: High retro-reflective performance (day and night), visibility and provide less traffic disruption during application. Fast-drying. Excellent adhesion. High durability. Good flow and skid resistance. Non – toxic. One coat application. Cost-effective.

Finish: Matt.

Application: By screed, special spray equipment or extruder.

Colour range: Yellow and White

Directions for use: Ensure that the road surface is clean, free from dust and moisture. Heavy deposits of paint require removal. Heat the material to 180-200°C in the pre-heater with adequate agitation until the material becomes a homogenized liquid.

On aged asphalt roads and concrete roads application of Thermoplastic, Primer coat is recommended for proper bonding of the material with the road surface. Ensure that the primer is thoroughly dry and void of the solvent prior to application of the thermoplastic material.

Ensure the temperature of 180-200°C and adequate agitation during application. Do not hold thermoplastic above 180°C for more than 6 hours. Do not heat the material above 200°C at any time.

Change in colour indicates that the material has been scorched owing to overheating and needs to be discarded.

Drop-on glass beads must be immediately deposited after thermoplastic application.

Drying Times: Less than 15 minutes. Traffic-free flow after

Spreading Capacity: Depends on application method, road profile and film thickness. Generally about 4 – 8kg/m2 at 1.5  3 mm film thickness.

Shelf Life: Minimum 1 year when stored in a cool dry place

Pack Sizes: 25 Kg bags for both Thermoline and Ballotini Glass Beads

Availability: From Crown Nairobi.

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