Crown Polyurethane Clear Varnish

Crown Polyurethane Clear Varnish

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Product Description

Product Description & uses: A high-quality single pack Polyurethane Varnish, specially formulated to produce a tough, full gloss or matt clear finish on parquet and all types of timber flooring (gloss only). Suitable for general use on furniture, door panels and frames, pelmets, skirting boards, counters, wall partitions and general woodwork.

Characteristics: Manufactured from an oil modified polyurethane resin.

Advantages: Retains natural beauty of the timber. Excellent adhesion to timber. Hard-wearing, abrasion resistant finish. Single pack type which facilitates easy application. High spreading capacity.

Finish: High-gloss and Matt Finish. The latter is not recommended for use on floors.

Application: Apply by brush, working well into the surface to obtain good penetration and adhesion.

Thinning: The first coat, on new and bare timber, should be thinned to ease brushing consistency using Crown White Spirit. Subsequent coats can be thinned if necessary. The use of inferior thinners will affect the gloss, drying and durability.

Drying Times: Touch dry: 3- 4 hours. Recoatable in 12 hours in dry, well-ventilated conditions.

Spreading Capacity: 14 – 16 m2/l when applied by brush on a smooth surface. On new and bare timber the spreading capacity will vary depending on the type and porosity of the wood.

Equipment Cleaner: Crown White Spirit.

Colour range: Clear.

Pack Sizes: 1 litre, 4 litres and 20 litres.

Availability: From Crown Depots in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu and through Crown Stockists.


New and Bare Parquet and Timber floors: Prepare surface (refer Data Sheet SP 2). For maximum gloss and protection apply 3 coats of Crown Polyurethane Clear Varnish, thinning the 1st coat to assist application and penetration.

New and Bare Woodwork: Prepare surface (refer Data Sheet Sp 2). Apply 3 coats Crown Polyurethane Clear Varnish.

Previously Varnished floors – in sound condition: Prepare surface. Apply 2 coats Crown Polyurethane Clear Varnish.

Previously Varnished floors – in poor condition: Re-sand the floor with mechanical sanding machine where possible. Alternatively, remove all previous varnish coatings with paint and varnish remover and then treat as for new woodwork.


1. For best results rub down between coats with fine sandpaper (preferably waterproof abrasive paper) and wipe clean.

2. Do not apply Crown Polyurethane Clear Varnish over the floors which have been wax polished unless all traces of polish are removed using the solvent following which the timber must be thoroughly sanded down. Failure to remove all polish will result in poor drying; poor adhesion and a patchy appearance will result.

3. When coating new timber, all contamination including cement splashes, greasy finger marks, carpenters pencil marks etc, must be sanded off.

4. Once the Crown Polyurethane Clear Varnish has been allowed to harden, the application of a clear floor polish will assist in protecting the surface against abrasion and scuffing from dust particles, grit etc, and pedestrian traffic.

5. Ensure the woodwork is completely dry as moisture will react with the varnish and produce a milky appearance. Crown Polyurethane Clear Varnish should not be applied to floors if there is a danger of rising damp (especially in old buildings which have no damp-proof course) as this may cause the timber floor tiles to lift

For health & safety information, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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