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Crown Thinners

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Product Description

In most cases paint requires thinning for spray application. When applying the product by brush, the paint can be thinned in certain circumstances especially when applying the material to a porous and /or rough textured surface, in order to ease brushing. However, it is important to avoid overthinning the paint as this will affect the opacity of the paint which may necessitate the application of additional coats. Overthinning will also adversely affect the general properties of the paint.

For further information on thinning ratios, the relevant Paint Product Data Sheet should be consulted.

Thinners available from Crown are as follows: –

Crown White Spirit:

The general-purpose thinner and equipment cleaner for use with most solvent-based decorative primers and finishes including: Gloss and Eggshell enamels; Undercoats and Primers for wood, metal and plaster; Roof and Floor Paints; Aluminium and Bituminous Paints; single pack varnishes and stains. Whilst inferior quality thinners can be used for cleaning equipment, it is important to use only Crown White Spirit for thinning as the use of inferior materials will affect the performance of the paint both with regard to appearance of finish and drying characteristics.

Other thinners from Crown are as listed below and each thinner is used for specific products as per instructions on the product tin.

Crown Chlorinated Rubber Paint Thinners

Crown Stoving Enamel Thinners

Crown Quick Drying Enamel Thinners

Crown Road Marking Paint Thinners

Crown Acid Catalysed Thinners

Crown Two-Pack Polyurethane Thinners

Crown Two-Pack Epoxy Thinner

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