Crown Wallcare

Crown Wallcare

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Product Description

A ready mixed high build material for smoothening/ skimming uneven plasterwork before paint application. Wallcare can also be used on block boards and timber surfaces. When dry, Wallcare will hold nails or screws without cracking. Wallcare should not be used for filling large cracks and holes. For these large cracks and holes, for interior surfaces use Polyfilla and sand/ cement mixture or Exterior Polyfilla for exterior surfaces.

Characteristics: A water-based formulation with a tough co-polymer emulsion and high quality extenders incorporating mould resistant fungicides.

Advantages: Highly flexible. Water thinnable.

Finish: Matt and smooth when sanded with fine abrasive paper.

Application: Surfaces do not require wetting or priming before skimming. Simply brush out any loose dust, old paint flakes or any other contaminants and press the Wallcare firmly with a palette knife, trowel or any other suitable applicator and smoothen off. Once dry, sandpaper the filled area with fine abrasive paper, ready for painting.

Thinning: Wallcare is supplied ready for use but can be thinned with emulsion paint if surface is to be painted in emulsion paint. This will eliminate any graining. Nail heads should be primed with oil primer before applying Wallcare.

Drying times: Surface dry: 1½ -2 hours. Hard dry: Overnight

Spreading capacity: Will depend on surface texture

Equipment cleaner: Water.

Colour range: White/ off white

Pack sizes: 1kg, 5kg and 30kg

For health & safety information, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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