Crown Aquavar Varnish

Crown Aquavar Varnish

Aquavar is a quick-drying water-based varnish that is friendly to the environment

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Product Description

Product Description & uses: A high-quality water-based translucent finish for Interior & Exterior use. It protects and enhances the beauty of all wood such as doors, windows, panels and furniture. It can also be used on joinery items like garden benches, pergolas etc.

Characteristics: Manufactured from the highest quality water borne dispersion offering good gloss, fast drying and hardness.

Advantages: Water-based, low VOC, low toxicity and non-flammable. Quick drying (30 min surface dry) and easy to apply. Interior & Exterior use. Good mould, scruff, scratch, UV and water resistance. Good flow, levelling, gloss, hardness and film strength.

Colour range: Clear and 18 selected shades

Pack sizes: 4L and 1L plastic buckets

Finish:  Satin and Translucent

Surface preparation: Surface should be clean, dry and free of any loose powder.

New timber:  The surface must be dry and free of oil/ grease and any other contaminants. Sand down the woodwork to a smooth surface with 150/220 grit sandpaper and dust off thoroughly.

Previously coated surfaces: Surfaces previously coated with air drying varnish should be lightly abraded with sandpaper before applying Aquavar. If the surface has been previously painted, remove all paint and treat as new wood.

Application: By brush or roller, with light sanding between coats to improve adhesion

Drying times: Touch dry: 30 minutes. Over-coating: 2-3 hours

Spreading capacity:  10 -14m2/L dependent on porosity of the wood

Thinning:  Thin with minimal clean water if required. Avoid over -thinning.


For health & safety information, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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