Crown Two Pack Epoxy Enamel

Crown Two Pack Epoxy Enamel

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Product Description

A high-performance coating supplied in a two-pack form offering maximum resistance against abrasion, chemical attack and water penetration. Recommended for INTERIOR use on prepared metal (primed), wood and plaster/concrete surfaces in chemical plants, laboratories, hospitals, dairies, breweries, food factories, bottling plants etc, and for general use in high traffic areas in public buildings. An ideal industrial finish for coating wooden and metal furniture, machinery and other manufactured items.

Do not apply over surfaces previously painted with oil paints i.e. gloss, eggshell etc.

The Two-Pack Enamel, which is mixed shortly before use with the catalyst/hardener, does not attain maximum hardness and chemical resistance until 3 -4 days after application (at a temperature of 22°C).

Characteristics: Manufactured from high quality pigments finely ground in a combination of epoxy resins. Poor exterior durability – tends to chalk badly on exposure.

Advantages: High gloss, abrasion, chemical and solvent resistant finish. Resistant to mild acids, alkalis and water.

Finish: High Gloss.

Application: By brush, roller or spray. (When applying by spray facemasks must be worn).

Thinning & Mixing: The two components (base and catalyst) must be mixed together to produce 4 litres of material – alternatively smaller quantities can be mixed strictly in accordance with the mixing ratios indicated on the container (the mixing ratios vary slightly depending on the colour in use).

Stir well and allow to stand for 15-20 minutes before use. Ensure that only sufficient material to use in one working day is mixed, as the pot-life of the combined mixture is limited to approximately 12 hours.

The mixed material will require to be thinned with Crown Two Pack Epoxy Thinners for spray application and for first coat work on porous surfaces, particularly on concrete and plaster.

Drying Times: Surface dry 2-3 hours. Hard dry/re-coatable in 16 hours. Do not leave longer than 96 hours between coats to avoid adhesion problems. Film attains maximum resistance and hardness after approximately 4 -5days.

Spreading Capacity: 10-11 m2/l when applied to smooth, non-porous surfaces.

Equipment Cleaner: Crown Two-Pack Epoxy Thinners.

Colour range: White (ex-stock). Other shades, chosen from the BS 4800 colour card, supplied on demand.

Pack Sizes: 4 litres (base and catalyst combined)

Availability: From Crown Depots in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu and through Crown Stockists.


Iron and Steelwork: Prepare surface (refer Data Sheet SP 3). Apply 1 coat Crown Epoxy Cold Cured Red Oxide/Zinc Chromate Primer (Two-Pack). Apply 2-3 coats Crown Two-Pack Epoxy Enamel.

Galvanized, Zinc Coated Steel or alloys: Prepare surface (refer Data Sheet SP 3). Apply 1 coat Crown Etch Primer. Apply 2-3 coats Crown Two-Pack Epoxy Enamel.

New (dry) & unpainted Plaster, Brick, Stone etc, and Timber Surfaces: Prepare surface (refer appropriate surface Preparation Data Sheet). Apply 3 coats Crown Two-Pack Epoxy Enamel. The first coat should be thinned with Crown Two-Pack Epoxy Thinners.

Previously painted surfaces (in sound condition): Due to the risk of solvent reaction, the recoating of previously painted surfaces, particularly oil paint systems such as gloss or eggshell enamel, with an epoxy enamel, is not recommended.

However, Crown Epoxy Enamel can be used to overcoat similar products subject to thorough abrasion/sandpapering of the surface to obtain a key. Poor surface preparation will result in poor inter-coat adhesive and subsequent flaking.

For health & safety information, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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